Navigating My Way Through Other Blogs

This week, I loved interacting more with my classmates and checking out their final products of different video assignments. Also, I enjoyed hearing the positive feedback I received on my assignments and knowing that some of my video tutorials are helping others. With that being said, to be able to give constructive and positive criticism […]

My Mundane Day Captured In (About) 60 Seconds

Since quarantine, I bet most people have felt that their days are like the movie Groundhog Day. You know? The movie where Bill Murray’s character wakes up and every day is the. same. day… Well, if your days have not felt like that, then lucky you. Although for me, the first couple of weeks I […]

My Move, Mr. Williams? -Assignment: Look, Listen, Analyze

When I was a junior in high school, I wrote an essay that analyzed the park bench scene in “Good Will Hunting,” and I felt like I truly understood the deeper meaning of it, but I was proven wrong after this assignment. What I was doing for an English class three years ago did not […]

How To Read A Movie? I Thought You Were Just Supposed To Watch Them!

“Everything worth noticing on the screen will eventually be seen by somebody.” – Roger Ebert When watching a movie, no matter what movie and whether it is Oscar-worthy or not, it will contain the elements that are discussed in Roger Ebert’s article “How to read a movie.” With that being said, whether you can point […]

How I Embarrassed Myself For 4 Minutes

So, if you are like me and you enjoy the privacy of dancing in your room while no one is watching, then you would probably find this assignment out of your comfort zone. Throughout the past year, I have been trying to find ways to push myself and become more comfortable with being more open […]