Looking Back On and Continuing Forward With Visual Storytelling: A Reflection

With the internet constantly around and technology advancing every day, we are living in a Digital Age. The internet allows us the opportunity to be able to communicate in various ways with others on a digital platform. With that being said, Visual Storytelling aids us in telling a story by giving meaning to the photos […]

Visual Literacy is a Thing? – Reflection

Throughout the week I have been experimenting with and implementing the techniques that I have learned to use in photography. Although, after reading and watching about what Visual Literacy is and learning the definition of the concept, I feel that photos are more than just taking a photo and moving on. “The ability to recognize […]

Capturing The Essence of Pretty In Pink

When I think of 80’s teen movies, what comes to my mind is, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Say Anything, and of course, Pretty In Pink. These movies are my guilty pleasures! If I am ever bored, or in need of a little dose of cheesy rom-com, then these are my go-tos! Although, […]