Flower In The Sun

When thinking about what represents me, what comes into my head is activities that I have been doing my whole life such as playing sports, writing, and spending time outside. Although, after reflecting on those things, I was not sure if they represented who I actually am. So, I began to think about what inspires […]

Archeology Project

My timeline for the archeology project follows the lived history of my iPhone 5. Before we switched to online classes, my group and I were going to take deconstruct the life of an old children’s tablet. Although, since we have been in remote learning, I chose to analyze the lived history of my first iPhone. […]

Culture Module

For my culture module, my group and I chose to focus on the growing topic of digital privacy. Therefore, I think it is important to become knowledgable about digital privacy and what we as users leave on the internet. Furthermore, digital privacy itself is important because with younger generations joining the internet they might not […]