Capturing The Essence of Pretty In Pink

When I think of 80’s teen movies, what comes to my mind is, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Say Anything, and of course, Pretty In Pink. These movies are my guilty pleasures! If I am ever bored, or in need of a little dose of cheesy rom-com, then these are my go-tos! Although, my favorite out of all of them is Pretty In Pink. I love the 80’s techno music that relays in every scene, the iconic style of its characters, and the memorable quotes of this movie that tie in the complicated romance together.

Although behind all the music and clothes, the movie lays the underlying message of not letting one’s position on the social hierarchy ladder determine one’s life. This conflict comes into play when Andie, the girl from the other side of the tracks, falls in love with Blane, preppy and popular, despite her best friend, Duckie, being in love with her. Throughout the movie, the love triangle evolves, and eventually, the characters realize that they are above what people will think, ergo, Blane and Andie get together, and Duckie is okay with that.


With that being said, I love this movie, and while it is cheesy and the timeline of events may confusing, it is still a staple in my guilty pleasures list.

For this Visual Assignment, I chose to do the Say It Like Peanut Butter activity where you create your own GIF of a scene from your favorite or least favorite movie. This activity is worth 3 stars.

When thinking about what part of the movie that I wanted to highlight, I chose the ending scene between Blane and Andie when they are reuniting as a couple. Additionally, I wanted to emphasize the moment when she drops her purse as they are kissing. For me, that moment represents a conclusion from the characters to the audience that Blane and Andie are letting go of the socialite differences that drove them apart and choosing to be together.


The shattering of who-should-be-with-who and what is right is captured at this moment. Watching the scene, no words are being transferred between the two characters, so what makes the audience understand that they are going to make their relationship work is not just the make-out scene, but the dropping of the handbag. When thinking about what a handbag is used for, in essence it is where you keep your money, credit cards, and personal belongings. Therefore, when Andie lets go of her handbag, she and Blane, are essentially throwing away the idea that society expects them to be with people within their social class.

To make this GIF, I used the website GIPHY because I had used the program before for a different project and became familiar with how to use it. For this particular assignment, I found a video off of Youtube that was the final scene of the film and uploaded it into GIPHY. From there, GIPHY allows you to trim the video and chose which part you want to be made into a GIF. After I found the scene, and henceforth, made it into a GIF, the website offered me the chance to add text, filters, or insert animated features. With all that being done, I then uploaded it to my account and I was able to view my GIF. Overall, the experience of making a GIF using GIPHY is very simple and easy to learn which makes capturing your favorite movie scene effortless.

If you decide to make your own GIF of your favorite or least favorite movie scene, share it with me! I would love to see if my GIF inspired you to create your own, or if my instructions to use GIPHY were easy to follow.

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