Explain What?? – Daily Create 5/22

So, today’s Daily Create was quite a conundrum, to say the least. Let me start by saying that I am not the best at solving puzzles and the only puzzle I am confident in solving is Minesweeper (or is that considered a game?). Anyways, the task was to explain the acronym BCBTaBCTB.

Right off the bat, I thought it might mean something meaningful and thoughtful. Although, after spewing out some random semi-well-thought-out answers, I realized that it could be anything and mean nothing. So, that is when I came up with my last attempt because carrots are delicious and–well let’s face it–beets are gross.

If you would like to attempt to solve this puzzle or put some random answers out there, just comment below. Stay tuned for the next Daily Create coming soon!

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