For The Love of Nature…

I know some of you must be sick and tired of me posting nature pictures, but truth be told, I want to spread the beauty! As I have mentioned before, since COVID19 and gyms being closed, I have made it a personal goal to take daily walks. I have found peace and comfort in these difficult times and surrounding myself in nature helps ground me. I have always been an outdoorsy type of person, but this time right now has allowed me to utilize my natural surroundings to take a breath and not think for a while.

I pay homage to the places I have been and the ones that I have not explored yet. Nature is ever-changing and you will never see it in the same form more than once. For example, when I take my daily walk on Huntley Meadows trail, I may be surrounded by the same area that I was in the day before, but the sunlight and plant life change day-by-day. I love that aspect of nature because you have a different experience each time even if it is in a place you have been before. With that being said, I think that the bigger idea surrounding my final product of this assignment would be that we need to stop and look around us from time to time to appreciate the moment instead of thinking about the next.

The assignment, “Paying homage to what you care about,” is worth 3 stars. I made my video using iMovie and importing my own photos from my daily walks. I thought the process of making this video was pretty simple since my previous assignment, “How I Embarrassed Myself For 4 Minutes,” gave me knowledge about how to add audio into iMovie. The music I used in my video was from Youtube’s Audio Library which allows you to download and use music in your videos without worrying about copyright. I chose the music I did to reflect how I feel when walking through those places which is upbeat and relaxed. Overall, I really enjoyed completing this assignment because it gave me an opportunity to put all of my favorite pictures of nature that I have taken into one video and reflect upon them.

To see the process into how I made my video, check out my tutorial below. Also, leave a comment letting me know what you would pay homage to!

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  1. That was a very relaxing video to watch, and I run at Huntley Meadows sometimes! Your instructions are very detailed and helpful. How did you screen record on your computer with audio? I would like to try it out for my instructions! Thank you!

  2. I loved the nature photos! You really captured how beautiful mother nature really is and Huntely Meadows looks beautiful! I hope to visit there one day! I also loved how you did a video tutorial for your video, I feel like that is really helpful for other students!

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