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Well, if you have already read the basic facts about me that are outlined in my “About Me” page then you probably already know some pretty concrete information about this website and me. Although if you have not, please take this time to take a gander at the page.

As said on my “About Me” page, my name is Jessica Probst and I attend the University of Mary Washington. When thinking about how I wanted to format this introduction post to the class, I read one of my classmate’s blogs, Jackie Ludwick, and was inspired by how she used her voice creatively to connect to her audience. Additionally, I noted how well embedded and thought out her pictures/videos were in her post in order for her readers to really get to know her in a unique way.

When I think of how to give introductions, it brings me back to the first day of classes where a professor will require the class to do some sort of ice breaker activity. Usually, people will say basic facts about themselves, e.g., where they are from, what their major is, and what class they are. Although, when planning out how to introduce myself on these various different platforms, I had to think creatively (although, I am not usually very creative).

On Twitter, I let my followers into my brain! I tweeted out some of the thoughts that I have during this quarantine, and as random as they may seem, I thought they were pretty funny. So, I thought this broke the ice between my classmates and I pretty well.

Normally, when you introduce yourself to people, it is unlikely that you would show them pictures of places you have been. Although, on Flickr, I thought it was very visually stimulating to introduce myself to my classmates through photos I have taken.

Daily Walks

One of my classmates even reached out to ask me about one of my pictures that I had taken and mentioned in my Soundcloud post.

One of my hobbies is that I love being outside and working out, so while this quarantine has stunted my gym-going, I am still able to get some type of exercise in by taking daily walks. While I was at school, I worked at the fitness center on campus and was working out there every day. Although, since I have been home I have been able to pick up some old hobbies that I used to love such as baking and reading. I went through what I have been doing during this time in my Youtube video that I posted.

I hope this post and my introductions on those various platforms gave you a more in-depth look into who I am. I look forward to sharing more about my journey and me through this course. Also, visit my post about my process of navigating how to create my various Social Media accounts. If you have any questions or would like to reach out, leave a comment, or visit my contact page!

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