I Am Rhiannon

Whenever I am in the need of a confidence boost or just a song to scream at the top of my lungs, “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac is my go-to. Throughout the past year, I have been getting into a lot of Fleetwood Mac songs, and especially their live albums. With that being said, their live recordings bring a different sound to powerful songs such as “Dreams,” “Big Love,” and “Rhiannon.”

With lead vocalist, Stevie Nicks, the sound of “Rhiannon” elicits a witchy aura that can only be heard through Nicks’s narration. The song makes me feel confident and like I am that cat in the dark that has power over her own life. Also, watching the live recordings of the song, you can see not only Nicks be possessed by this mystical energy, but the entire band as they rip out powerful cords. With that being said, the vivacity and vigor that pours out of the rendition will send shivers down one’s spine as they too will feel like Rhiannon.

I made my GIF using the Youtube link that was from the video and from there I inserted “gif” after “www.” in the URL. To see in more detail about how I created my GIF, watch my Youtube tutorial on my channel or down below.

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