It’s A Wrap For You, Week One

Well, this week has been a whirlwind, but I made it through! I felt a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the week with the midweek assignments, but once I got myself organized, I felt more prepared about what was to come. I have enjoyed this course so far and I am anticipating what else I will be learning when it comes to communicating a story on different platforms. Mainly, this course has been a distraction from everything that is going on with COVID19 and I am very thankful for that. Additionally, I feel like I gave my best effort and utilized the skills that I had learned throughout the week about Visual Storytelling to successfully complete the tasks that were assigned.

I would say that the struggles that I faced throughout this week was time management and getting out of the summer mentality I had in the previous weeks before this course. This week, I started on my Visual assignments on Wednesday which I later realized was a huge mistake, but next week I will be pacing myself and doing a little bit each day. Also, one thing I have enjoyed so far was the Daily Creates which allowed me to be creative and look at my peer’s responses to the task of the day. I made sure to start those on Monday to get ahead of the workload and I will be continuing with that plan as the course progresses. Additionally, the material that I learned during this week gave me a different insight on how to take photos that put meaning behind them. Looking forward, I am excited to see how I will continue to implement the techniques that I learned which will help me become a better visual storyteller. With that being said, the bigger issues surrounding my work were breaking out of my shell and taking my time, but a deeper explanation of that can be found in my reflection posts.

Overall, I look forward to what is to come with this course and what knowledge I will take away from DS106. Additionally, I am interested in how we will be using different software to complete future assignments.

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