My Mundane Day Captured In (About) 60 Seconds

Since quarantine, I bet most people have felt that their days are like the movie Groundhog Day. You know? The movie where Bill Murray’s character wakes up and every day is the. same. day…

Well, if your days have not felt like that, then lucky you. Although for me, the first couple of weeks I was back at home in (I think) April, I could not do anything. Gyms were closed, my family and I did not have masks yet, and we were getting pretty sick of each other. Honestly, I feel like I have lost track of time since then and it feels like April and May did not even happen. With that being said, I started every day around 11 a.m. because my sleep schedule was way off, then I pretty much tried to walk around my neighborhood as much as I could and that was it, that was my day.

With businesses starting to open up again and some restrictions being lifted, my days have become a little more exciting, although not that much. What I look forward to during most of my days is being able to go out and get a cup of coffee, then trying a new walking trail. I hope we do get to go back to school in the Fall because I can not keep doing what I have been for much longer. Although, I am grateful that I do have the resources to keep myself entertained at home, but I just miss being on campus.

To see my mundane day and my adventure through the rain, watch the video below!

The assignment, “60 Second Day – A Video Narrative,” is worth 4 stars and I used iMovie to edit all of my videos together. The steps I took to complete this assignment were just remembering to take 1-second videos throughout the day, even if they are boring. After I had my 60 videos, I imported them into iMovie and edited them from there. Honestly, the hardest part about this assignment was just remembering to record videos because documenting my most boring days is not something I usually do. To learn in more detail about how I created my video, check out the tutorial below.

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