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This week, I loved interacting more with my classmates and checking out their final products of different video assignments. Also, I enjoyed hearing the positive feedback I received on my assignments and knowing that some of my video tutorials are helping others. With that being said, to be able to give constructive and positive criticism allowed me to reflect on my own work and what I can do better.

I made my way over to Lindsey’s blog and watched her “Personal Gag Reel” assignment. I enjoyed the way Lindsey personalized it and gave thorough instructions on how someone could create their own using TikTok.

Next, I ventured over to Amanda’s blog and viewed her “Movie Trailer” assignment. I thought her video was very entertaining and I enjoyed her edits.

I went to Caroline’s blog and watched her “Workout Video” assignment that included a boxing set which I thought was interesting to view. With that being said, I do not know a lot about boxing, but it looks like a really effective workout!

Finally, I headed over to Jackie’s blog and viewed her version of the “Workout Video” assignment. I loved how Jackie incorporated modifications for the workouts and demonstrated them.

All in all, I enjoyed visiting my classmate’s blogs and seeing all the wonderful things they are creating!

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