Not So Family Fun

During winter break, my family and I had to go to California. My grandma had just passed away, so we were in Palm Springs packing her belongings up. While on this trip, we decided to take advantage of where we were and do some day trips while we were there. It is difficult to get us all to take a trip together since I am away at school, both my parents work, and my sister has her own life. Although, when we do get together, things get interesting…

One day, we took a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park and it was gorgeous! That day we planned on doing a little hiking around in the open desert and everything was fine until everyone started getting moody about wanting to do their own thing. We took a lot of pictures, and let me just say that my family can not hide their feelings on the outside very well. So, I thought it would be funny to make some captions that probably represented what we were actually thinking.

We took a lot of pictures that day, via my mom taking a photo of everything she saw. So, by the time we were getting ready to leave the park, we decided to pull over and walk around these massive boulders.

Photo I took of one of the rock formations

Well, we were all pretty wiped out by then (“we” meaning me, my dad, sister, and cousin) and getting a little hangry. My mom wanted to continue to take more pictures and we kept telling her that we wanted to leave. Although, because we love her, we posed for a couple more photos. We took a couple of selfies of all of us, some of my parents, and then came to my sister and I with our cousin. Now, we have been taking these “perfect” family photos all day, so we decided to do some joke ones which were supposed to be funny, but ended up looking like we were miserable (mainly my cousin and I). We have this running joke in my family that the reason my sister has a big head is that she is full of herself, so her pose in the photo embodied that idea very well. All in all, we had a fun family day together and enough pictures to last us a lifetime, but my mom was not at all happy when she saw that photo.

For the assignment Your Very Own Spubble, I used the software Pixlr X. The suggested websites to create the spubble did not work for me, so I branched out and created it using Pixlr. The assignment is worth 2 stars and to see how I made my spubble watch my Youtube tutorial below.

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