One of The Most Interesting 5 Weeks of My Life -DS 106 Reflection

I can not believe that this class has just flown by so quickly. At the beginning of this course, I felt intimidated by all the work and software that I was going to have to use. Although, as time went on, I watched tutorials, practiced on my own, and reached out to my peers, this class got progressively more exciting.

In the first week of this course, I learned about the visuals of storytelling and the importance that images have on relaying a clear message to the audience. I was able to include my images of nature and learn how to be a better photographer. With that being said, completing assignments such as my Photo Safari I was able to utilize the skills I had learned about photography and actually apply them into my pictures. All in all, I thought this was an excellent subject to ease myself into this class and I will continue to take away the information that I learned that week to grow into being a more efficient photographer.

Following the visuals of storytelling, I moved onto learning about design. Just like visuals, designs have a certain meaning that needs to be clearly communicated to its audience in order to connect people together. I enjoyed the work that I created that week and working with programs such as GIMP to produce a design that told a story.

As the weeks carried on, I learned about how to create different types of audio and video. Although I had a minor setback during the audio week, I still was able to learn about the important aspects that are needed to produce efficient types of audio and reflected on how radio is never dying. With video, I thought reading Roger Egan’s article pertaining to how to read a movie was interesting and changed the way I watch movies now.

Entering the final week, I was able to muster up all of the knowledge I learned throughout these last 5 weeks and apply them to create a story using digital media. My final story was fun to make because I could choose any narrative I wanted and have the freedom to create multiple different media sources to help tell my story.

Overall, this course was definitely not like any I have taken before and it provided me with new skills that I will be taking with me to apply in any aspect of digital storytelling. Additionally, I thought this course was very interactive and allowed me to spread my creative wings in the DS 106 world!

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