R.I.P. Mick Dern

Mick Dern loved the ocean, even more than his own family. He started sailing and going on boats when he was a toddler via his father. Although, what his father did not understand about encompassing young Mick into the mystery of the sea at such a young age, is that it would take over Mick’s life.

Mick spent his whole life out on that ocean. He skipped school and got kicked out, met his wife at the dock, got married by the sea, missed the birth of his first child, and would eventually lose his life to the ocean. Mick’s wife knew that he was really married to the sea, and it pained her to see the man she loved to be drawn to something that could not give him real interaction.

One day, his wife had had enough and she was going to leave him, but Mick did not care because he knew that the ocean was waiting for him. Mick even left before she even finished packing up her things. Although it pained him deep down to know that he was driving her away, he could not help but go to where he felt the most comfort which was the sea. He set off and drove his motorboat out into the ocean. Mick felt calm there and like he was meant to be there, but what he did not know was that the ocean was going to take him. A storm had been brewing in the air and before Mick could even get back to land, it had engulfed his entire boat. He was gone and with the ocean forever.

The assignment “Sound Effects Story” is worth 4 stars and I created it using Audacity and freesound.

To make this assignment was fairly simple because I had figured out what I wanted my story to be and downloaded the sound effects from freesound which I then edited in Audacity. I really enjoyed this assignment because it gave me insight on different ways I could use Audacity to bring multiple sound bits together.

To see how I created this assignment you can watch the video below!

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