Stanley Cracks a Smile

If you have ever seen The Office, then you probably know one of its main characters, Stanley Hudson. Throughout the show, he portrays to have a very serious and sassy demeanor with a monotoned voice. Although there are a couple of character changes where you see him laugh or smile in his own happiness, his character pretty stays the same.


Stanley is notorious for his honest reactions and low-tolerance for his boss’s, Micheal Scott, antics that make the show as iconic as it is today. With that being said, the audience does not see much positive emotion displayed by Stanley, so I thought it would be funny to create a GIF from a season 2 blooper of Stanley and Micheal breaking character and bursting out laughing.


I like this GIF because it reveals not only the two characters in the scene laughing, but even the camera crew and the rest of the actors. Also, it makes the people who have not seen the show wonder what they were supposed to be saying and why it made the actors break character. With that being said, I think that it also displays another side of actors that we watch on TV display a different emotion than what we expect from their character. Additionally, it is just a never-ending loop of Stanley and the whole crew laughing which is pretty great.

The assignment, “Goof GIF”, is worth 2 stars and I created my GIF through GIPHY. The first step to complete my GIF was to go on Youtube and look through one too many blooper reels. I chose the blooper from season 2 because I thought it was really funny and I loved seeing the whole cast break out laughing.

After I found which video I wanted to use to make my GIF, I went into GIPHY and pressed create. From there, the website allows you to embed photos, videos, or videos from a Youtube link. With that being said, I uploaded the video and trimmed where I wanted my GIF to start and end. Then, after I made it into a GIF, the website offered me the chance to add text, filters, or insert animated features that I chose not to add. With that being done, I uploaded my GIF and copied the link to embed it into my blog post. Overall, using GIPHY to make a GIF is very simple and fun which allows you to make as many as you want.

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