The Case of The Wandering Kid -Final Story

It was a jubilant Saturday afternoon, 5-year-old, Sandy, had just lost her second baby tooth and her mom wanted to celebrate by taking Sandy to the grocery store to buy her, her favorite cookies. Sandy had always loved going on errands with her mom because she liked seeing all the different items that were in stores and the various people. Although, whenever they went somewhere, Sandy wanted to explore by herself, but her mom would keep Sandy close by her side. As they entered the store and began walking around, Sandy’s mom wanted to get something special for her daughter as a surprise. So, as her mom pondered if she could leave Sandy by herself, she concluded that Sandy is getting older and needs to learn responsibility, even if it is just standing still for 10 seconds.

The instant Sandy saw her mom turn the corner, she realized that she is by herself and free to roam as she pleases without her mom’s hand enclasped in her’s. Walking in and out of the crowded aisles, Sandy felt this exuberant amount of independence. She was able to go at whatever pace she wanted, stop and look at an item for however long she desired and did not hear the sound of the shopping cart moving next to her. The music echoing throughout the grocery store fueled Sandy’s momentum to continue exploring.

As Sandy reached the cereal aisle, her gaze was entranced by her favorite cereal. Her mom would never buy that cereal for her because she thought it would make Sandy act like a bouncing kangaroo all over the house. Although, Sandy knew that, that was impossible because humans can not jump 6 feet in the air as kangaroos can, and she learned that on the Discovery channel. Sandy inched closer and closer to the forbidden cereal as she checked over her shoulder to see if her mom was around. To Sandy’s surprise, the cereal now had a mystery toy included with it which made Sandy want this cereal even more!

Sandy snatched the cereal box off of the shelf and just knew that she had to show it to her mom to beg her if she could have it. Sandy thought that if she could just convince her mom that she will not turn into any kangaroo of the sort that she will buy it for her. Also, Sandy wanted the mystery toy and was willing to swap out the cookies for this cereal. So, Sandy decided that she would go back to the place that her mom left her before she would even notice that she was gone. Although, as Sandy started wandering around the store, she could not remember where her mom had told her to wait. Sandy decided that if she walked backward then she would land right where she started. Even though she thought that this method was working, she had begun walking into people. She could not figure out why though because her mom always says that she has eyes in the back of her head, so why was Sandy’s not working? Many thoughts were running through Sandy’s head as she was on the hunt to find her mom, but she kept getting distracted by the items around her.

As she reached her wit’s end, Sandy felt defeated and started accepting the fact that she might live in the grocery store for the rest of her life. Although she would have unlimited access to all the Kid-O’s cereal, she would miss her toys and friends that were at home waiting for her, oh, and of course her parents. Slouching down next to the ice cream, Sandy collapsed her head in her hands and thought that she would never find her mom. However, just as when Sandy thought all was lost, she heard a loud voice shouting her name. Sandy sprung up from the ground and began spriting until she got closer and closer to the noise. As she turned the corner from the ice cream, she saw her mom with her hands waving in the air and her mouth open.

A sense of relief washed over both Sandy and her mom as they embraced each other. Sandy’s mom asked why she wandered off and all she could reply with was that she wanted to go exploring and got lost. After telling Sandy that she is not old enough to roam around the grocery store by herself, her mom noticed the forbidden box of cereal clasped under Sandy’s arm. Sandy saw the disappointed look on her mom’s face and realized that she will not be getting the Kid-O’s. Putting her head down in shame, Sandy put the box of cereal on the random shelf next to her and knew that she was in trouble. Although, to her surprise, Sandy’s mom grabbed the cereal and told her that if she promised never to wander off like that again, then she would let her have the cereal. Sandy jumped for joy and said that she was willing to take the cereal over the cookies, but her mom let her have both.

All in all, it was a very exciting trip to the grocery store, not only for her mom, but for Sandy too because she got to have cookies, Kid-O’s, and a surprise from her mom waiting for her.

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