The Sandwiches…We NEED Them, People!

The unspeakable has happened…we have been taken over by “Sandwich Spsycho.” She hacked our phones, all television, and radio broadcasting stations in hopes that we follow through with her demands. Earlier this week she sent out a ransom note which no one took seriously, but now we might pay.

What will happen if we do not give her the 24 turkey sandwiches? Will there be more harassment or worse…murder? What the heck is with 24 turkey sandwiches? We do not know, but what we do know is that now she has high powered technology to infiltrate our devices and that she will go great lengths for her demands to be met. Although, how far will she go…

For the assignment “Fictional Radio Ad,” I decided it would be fun to follow up with the ransom note Daily Create I completed the other day. I really love turkey sandwiches, so maybe I am the real “Sandwich Spshyco”… This assignment is worth 4 stars.

What I liked about this assignment was that I could use the skills that I learned about Audacity and incorporate them into my audio. I downloaded the EAS Alarm from freesound and recorded my audio on Audacity. To understand how I made my audio, watch the tutorial below laying out groundwork on how to use Audacity. Also, watch out for the Sandwich Spsycho!

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