The Triumphs and Tribulations of Creating Multiple Social Media Accounts

As the title says, my process when setting up my social media accounts for this course had its ups and downs.


The first task I decided to tackle was to create an “avatar,” or “gravatar”, for myself using the website Gravatar per the “Summer Midweek 1” blog post. The troubles I had with this process was that it would not download the pictures I was trying to upload from my laptop onto the website to make my avatar. I originally wanted to use one of my photos that includes a landscape from one of my walks, but instead, I chose my favorite flower, Lily of the Valley, because that was the only photo that the website would accept. Additionally, I had to use a photo of the flower from Longfield Gardens and upload it to the website. Also, I have not been able to figure out how to make my gravatar the avatar on my website, both my account in WordPress and Gravatar are linked, so I am still in the process of working that out.

“Lily of the Valley” by Longfield Gardens


After setting up my gravatar, I moved onto something that I knew I was confident in figuring out, and that was making my Twitter account. I already have a personal Twitter account, but I wanted to make a separate platform that is solely devoted to this course. With that being said, I thought what better way to introduce myself than to share some of my daily (and random) quarantine thoughts.

Once I had my first tweet out there into the #ds106 world, I was ready to find some followers! I looked under the hashtag and followed some of my classmate’s twitter accounts as well as the Daily Create page.

I also participated in my first “Daily Create” by posting a picture of what I have been up to during this quarantine. I look forward to completing more activities and connecting with my classmates on this platform.


Next, I decided to create my Flickr account which I thought was simple. Although, it took me a while to figure out what photos I wanted to put out there that represented who I am. With everything going on in the world with COVID19 and being at home, one activity I really enjoy doing (that still practices safe social-distancing!) is going out and taking walks on local trails in my area. I consider myself to be a really active person, and while gyms are closed which is where I spend a chunk of my free time, I decided to spend some time with mother nature. Additionally, going on what I like to call “My Daily Walk” allows me to separate myself from the issues going on in the world and connect with the life that is just right outside my door. With that being said, I have accumulated an abundance of pictures from my walks to places that I fell in love with. So, I decided to put those pictures to good use and share them with others on Flickr.

I picked some of my favorite ones to showcase and created an album on my Flickr account for them.

Daily Walks

I love Flickr’s platform so far and the way it displays my photos. I also connected with some of my classmates on Flickr and have now accumulated a small following. I look forward to posting more photos on this account and learning how to utilize it in other ways that pertain to this course.


After making my Flickr account, I decided to move on and explore Soundcloud. I was not really sure how to introduce myself on this platform because all my previous knowledge of it was related to people posting their rap songs. Although, after doing some digging, I found that it has music from all different ends of the spectrum and highlights artists that you do not hear on the radio. I thought that was really unique because Soundcloud is giving musicians who may not be accepted into mainstream music the opportunity to share their talents on a platform for others to enjoy and stream.

With that being said, when brainstorming how I should introduce myself on the platform, I chose to document what I saw on the walk I took that day. Although it may contain a lot of heavy breathing because I was walking, I made sure to point out exciting details of the area I was in to ensure that my listeners were able to visualize what I was seeing. I tried my best to capture everything around me and I wanted to hone in on the natural environment that I was encompassed in.

I thought that discussing my walk would allow my listeners to not only envision what I was seeing, but gain insight on who I am as a person and what I am passionate about. Overall, I am interested to see how we will be using this particular platform in the course and what we will be creating.


Since I already have a Gmail account, I was given access to my own Youtube account. I have created Youtube videos before for class projects that I created in high school, so I was already familiar with how to upload a video. Although, for this video, I was unsure of how to go about introducing myself. So, I thought about the things I have been doing during this time to occupy myself and decided to make that the main focus of the video.

I highlighted the books that I am currently reading, the recipes that I have made, and my passion to take a walk every day. Also, I encouraged my viewers to suggest any books they love, recipes that they recommend, and trails that might be around my area for me to explore. I thought that by doing so, I opened up a space for my classmates and I to discuss topics like that and connect on a different platform.

One thing I learned during this process was how to create a thumbnail. I knew what one was from previous knowledge, so I learned how to make one of my own and attached it to my video. Although, while my video may not be as high-quality and very professional as the ones you usually view on Youtube, I enjoyed this process and had fun with it. Also, I am excited to see if any of my peers will comment on my video and give me some suggestions. Overall, I look forward to creating more videos in the future for this course and improving my “Youtubing” skills.


Finally, when it came to customizing my website I already had a strong base because I had to create this domain for my DGST 101 course that I took in the Spring. With that being said, my website has been through a lot, to say the least, and I have gone back and forth with the design. Previous to making this post, my website looked completely different to how it looks now and was in the format of the “Twenty Twenty” theme instead of the “Twenty Nineteen” it is in now. When I began my journey to creating this platform, I knew from the beginning that I wanted this space to be professional and showcase the work I completed in my courses, so the switch to the current theme was due to the professionalism that I believe it embodies. While I am still going to improve it over time, I am currently content with the design now.

When I am working on improving my website, I am constantly learning new ways about how to customize it on WordPress. A long-term goal I have set for myself in terms of using WordPress is to get as familiar with it as I can. By doing so, I want to challenge myself to create complex features and host a more minimalistic design on my website that makes it easier for my viewers to access my work. Although as frustrating as it is sometimes about how to create simple designs such as a drop-down menu, I have found various videos on how to make processes like this easy.

Here’s a great video on how to make said drop-down menu if anyone is having any trouble!

Additionally, my goal with this website is to put as much thought into as I can, so that if any future employer views it, my website will be able to convey who I am on a professional platform. With that being said, I look forward to continuing to improve my website and adding my work from this course to my portfolio.

Overall, I enjoyed the various processes of learning how to create multiple social media accounts. Also, I thought it was interesting to see how each separate domain hosts its content and designs their websites. I think it gives me insight into how a professional website looks and runs in terms of accessibility to its viewers.

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