This Is It…

Well, the time has come and I can not believe that it is over. These past five weeks have been a knowledge-filled rollercoaster. I truly have enjoyed every aspect of digital storytelling I have learned from visual to video. What surprised me most throughout these past couple weeks was my ability to create original thoughts and showcase them using different software and media platforms. I learned the importance of being able to tell a story through design, photographs, audio, and video. With that being said, the significance of all of those media platforms mentioned above is having the ability to bring people together and relay a message. Additionally, I learned more about myself and my creative ability to apply that information to make it into something someone can view or listen to.

Thinking back to all of the projects that I completed, it is difficult to narrow down my favorite, but I would have to say that the “Photo Reflection” assignment from the first week was most enjoyable. I take pictures every day, so to be able to learn new techniques about how to become a better photographer and actually apply them was really exciting. I knew that it was a process of trial and error, but I ended up with some amazing photos that I am proud of. Overall, the techniques that I learned that week, and through the assignment, will be ones that I carry with me throughout the rest of my future photos.

If I had the opportunity to take this class again I would not do anything differently because I feel that all of the activities and decisions that I have made up until this point has led me to feel proud of my work. At the end of every week, I felt pleased with the work I had completed and continued enjoying the information that I was learning. Also, any mistakes that I made I do not regret because it was all part of the journey towards learning more about the importance of digital storytelling. With that being said, this course allowed me to create something different every day which took my mind off of all the chaos that is going on in the world right now, and for that I am grateful. All in all, I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to expand their digital media skills and challenge themselves to think outside of what is considered the norm for storytelling.

Overall, I am going to miss this course dearly, but I am excited to see where the knowledge that I have now about digital storytelling will take me!

Final Story


Final Reflection

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