Tutorial For My Point of View Assignment

Continuing to weave different elements into my final story, I chose to create an assignment in the Video Assignment bank called “Point of View” which is worth 5 stars. I wanted to make this assignment because I thought that it would be a great way to display what the little girl is seeing in the grocery store. Also, it would help emphasize the point of view of the little girl through her wandering around and allow the audience to visualize it as well. With that being said, I modified the assignment in a way that if someone wanted to do this outside of their final story they could and still receive the 5 stars. Overall, I think this assignment is a different way of how someone could exhibit their character’s actions or even their own day if they are not completing this assignment for their character.

How I created this video was using the video feature on my phone and I downloaded it on my desktop to upload onto Youtube. To see a more detailed explanation of how I did that, you can watch the tutorial below.

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