What Do I Want To Do Before I Die?

I am going to be honest, this took some time to think about. I hope this does not come off as morbid as the title appears to make it seem, but I do not think that I have put a lot of thought into the things that I want to do before I die before doing this activity. I am going to be frank, as of right now there is not much. I have always thought about the big picture things such as graduating from college, getting a good job, and having a family. Although, I have not thought about what I WANT to do before I get to the latter half of my life.

So, I created this collage and it made me think about all of the other possibilities there are out there for me to enjoy life and be a little selfish. There is more out there in store for my life and I want to experience it all before I can’t anymore and my time is taken up with more responsibilities. I decided to be realistic with myself and think about the things that I could do before I start a family. With that being said, I made this bucket list in the hope of completing it before I am 30.

  • Going to Germany
    • I hope to accomplish this goal by Spring 2021 because I signed up for the study abroad program. Being able to visit Germany would mean the world to me because both of my parents are German and grandparents, so I feel like it would be a nice way to get in-touch with my roots and heritage.
  • Get a tattoo
    • Honestly, my parents would probably kill me, but I want to get a tattoo of a Lily of the Valley flower because it was my grandma’s favorite one. Since she passed, and she was such an important person in my life, I want something that reminds me of her with me always.
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
    • I love nature and everything about it. I want to be able to see nature from all angles and all heights, so I feel like this experience would give me more insight into the environment that we co-exist in.
  • Take a road trip across the country
    • Ergo the bullet point above, I want to see EVERYTHING. We only live on this earth and in this life for so long that I do not want to feel like I missed anything. A road trip across the country would give me perspective about how different people live in various areas and what other environments look like compared to the one that I live in.

When looking at the Visual Assignments DS106 Assignment Bank I decided to choose the Bucket List assignment. This assignment is worth 2 stars. I chose this assignment because I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but it changed my perspective on things I want to actually accomplish.

I used the suggested website BeFunky to create my collage and at first it took me some practice to figure out how the features worked. It gave me 3×3 cells to work with, and to delete some to make it 2×2 I clicked on the ones I did not want and chose “Delete cell.” Once I had my 2×2, I looked up the pictures I wanted to use from the internet and saved them to my computer. From there, I clicked on the cell that I would like the picture in and uploaded it into the collage. The website let me readjust my image and add text. Although, when I added the text it was a little tricky moving the text box around. What I learned, through trial and error, was that I had to click directly in the center of my text box to move it where I wanted. I changed the color of the text and font by highlighting my text and dragging the text box itself to make the words larger. Overall, this was a pretty simple process and I enjoyed working with the website.

Image Citations

Germany image

Road Trip image

Tattoo image

Hot Air Balloon image

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