Wishing For The Beach

For weeks I have been wishing to hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the feel of the sand in between my toes, and a sunburn that eventually turns into a tan. Alas, COVID19 has postponed my beach plans and my tan, so I decided to create a picture that makes it look like I am having fun under the sun.

Two Original Pictures

Since I can not be at the beach anytime soon, I chose a picture from when I was at the beach last summer to be the background of my altered photo. I have amazing memories from being at the beach from when I was a little kid making sandcastles to growing up and swimming far into the ocean. Every summer, I work at a summer camp which requires me to work 40 hours a week, so I try to get a couple of days off to get away for a long weekend and unwind. My beach time is sacred to me because it is a place where I can read, head into the ocean, and just let go of everything that is going on in my life for a little bit. Although COVID19 is effecting this tranquil experience, I am hoping to, at a later point of the summer, take a day trip to dip my foot into the ocean.

The second picture that I am inserting into my fabricated beach photo is from a couple of weeks ago when the weather was not so nice and I was wishing for the beach. I chose this photo because it is one of the few photos that I have with my whole body in it. I thought the second photo would be easy to cut-out and place into the first one. Also, I thought it would be funny to combine the two because obviously you do not wear a winter coat, sweater, and jeans to the beach on a hot day.

Final Product

This assignment, “Are we there yet?”, is worth 3 stars and gave me much more trouble to make than past assignments. It was a required task per the weekly summary and I had to dig into my past knowledge using photoshop to apply it using GIMP. I first had to download GIMP onto my laptop which was a little frustrating because it kept having to verify the software each time I opened it. Also, I was having issues with uploading images into GIMP until I found this helpful video.

After I got my images into the software, I was already familiar with most of the tools provided such as the free select tool, eraser, and blur tool. Additionally, I knew how to navigate the layers and scale them, but I was a little rusty, so it took me some practice. Once I had my final product and I was satisfied with how it looked, I used Fotor to edit pictures to make both layers blend in with each other. With that being said, I made the color of the picture cooler, changed the saturation, and altered the shadows. All in all, I am content with how my photo turned out and enjoyed navigating my way around GIMP.

The tutorial to see how I went and made my altered photo is posted on my Youtube channel, or you can watch it below.

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  1. Hey Jessica! I also tried to do this assignment using GIMP, and had trouble figuring out where the blur tool was and how how to erase better. Turns out (after watching your tutorial) I wasn’t using the right zoom-in tool. The tutorial really helped me clarify things that I had questions about and your final product looks great!

    1. Hey Jackie! I am so glad it helped you with your assignment. GIMP is definitely not my favorite and is a little confusing, but I am glad that I could help! 🙂

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