Archeology Project

My timeline for the archeology project follows the lived history of my iPhone 5. Before we switched to online classes, my group and I were going to take deconstruct the life of an old children’s tablet. Although, since we have been in remote learning, I chose to analyze the lived history of my first iPhone.

My steps to complete this project first included me wiping the dust off of the iPhone. Then, I attempted bringing it back to life in order to incorporate any photos that I had on there, but unfortunately, it would not power on and it was getting overheated from being plugged into the charger for so long. The research that I did was finding when this model of the iPhone was released and learning what it was made of. Additionally, I looked to see where the nearest landfill was to my house, in case I did ever get around to recycling it.

When creating my timeline it was difficult to pinpoint specific memories I had with the phone because I used it for 5 years. Also, I had an issue with putting my own photos into the timeline because it needed a URL. I tried putting the photos into individual Google documents and putting the published URL in the spreadsheet, but it said an error was occurring.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and reminiscing about the memories that I had with this device. Therefore, I feel like we often forget about the moments we share with these devices that do so much for us, and also take advantage of the reliability of them because we end up just replacing them with newer models.

Also, I had an issue with embedding both the links provided by Timeline JS, so I had to copy the HTML link and paste it into an empty block of text.

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