Creativity Module Project Choice

For my creativity module project, I chose to learn how to create my own gif. With this module, I hope to broaden my knowledge of what gives a gif its unique identity and what goes into creating one. Moreover, I hope to also gain experience in working with a program I am not familiar with in order to produce my own gif.

When I think of a gif, a variety of mediums come to mind. Unlike a photograph, a gif, to me, represents a single moment that is captured and able to share a quick second of what was happening in that instance. Although a gif is not as invaluable as a photograph, it still can serve as a great medium for today’s technologically advanced generation and those beyond them. Conversely, I believe that one day, hopefully far into the future, photographs will become a thing of the past and motion pictures such as gifs will be the norm.

What I hope to achieve in doing this project, is to learn about what goes into creating a gif and how it becomes an aesthetic to a particular community.

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