Flower In The Sun

When thinking about what represents me, what comes into my head is activities that I have been doing my whole life such as playing sports, writing, and spending time outside. Although, after reflecting on those things, I was not sure if they represented who I actually am. So, I began to think about what inspires me and the things that give me joy in my life. I thought about my grandma who had a huge impact on my life and how I want her with me every day. Also, I thought about nature and how I can lose myself in it wherever I am.

I decided to create my tattoo based on the idea that I want to embody what a flower means to me which is ever-growing. I chose the flower, Lily in the Valley, because it was my grandma’s favorite flower and she passed down her love of nature to me. I always want to have a piece of her with me and I know that I do inside of myself, but I wanted something that I could look at. Additionally, I wanted a part of my tattoo that gives my flower life and I thought of the sun. With that being said, to me, the sun represents a new day and a new life beginning. I always want to improve and grow as a person until I am the best that I can be in this life, so I feel that the tattoo that I designed best represents who I am and who I want to be.

The assignment, “Tattoo that Describes You”, is worth 2.5 stars and I edited my design using Pixlr X. I enjoyed completing this assignment because it allowed me to be creative and explore deep inside myself about who I am.

Although this is a very rough sketch of what I would want my tattoo to look like, I think it is a great outline of how I see myself. The first step that I did to create my design was to draw out what I wanted it to look like. Then, I went on my phone and I scanned it into my notes app by pressing the camera button in my notes. After I had my design scanned, I opened the notes application on my laptop, and because my iCloud is connected to my laptop, I was able to view the document to download it. Once I had the sketch downloaded, I uploaded my image into Pixlr X and began adding color. In the side menu, I clicked on the paintbrush icon which allowed me to go in my design and add the colors that I wanted. I tried to keep my tattoo design as simple as possible because I did not want anything too flashy or big. So, I stayed true to the original colors of the flower which are green and white. I decided to add the black outline to emphasize the flower petals and make them stand out.

Once I was satisfied with the coloring of my flower, I moved onto the sun. I wanted to keep the sun simple and have it overlooking the flower to relay that message of growth. I stayed true to the color of a yellow sun and was happy with how my design turned out.

Overall, the most difficult part of this assignment was keeping a steady hand when detailing the colors in my design because I was using the mouse pad on my laptop. I had to change the paintbrush size a couple of times and start over, but it was not hard to get the hang of things. I enjoy using the application Pixlr because I think it is a fun and easy tool to use when you want to spice up your pictures or designs. All in all, I really enjoyed completing this assignment and getting a chance to design the tattoo that I want to get after COVID19 is over.

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