Goodbye To You, Week Two

Week two is done, and that means only two more weeks left! This week went a lot smoother than last week and I am happy with how all my assignments turned out. I enjoyed learning about the concepts surrounding design and the foundations of what makes a successful design. One of the things that I improved this week, was making sure that I stayed organized and got assignments done in a timely manner. With that being said, compared to last week’s stress-filled fiasco, I felt way calmer and confident about the work I was completing. Overall, I feel like I gave my best effort and utilized the skills that I had learned throughout the week about Design to successfully complete the tasks that were assigned.

I would say that the most strenuous part of my week was figuring out how to use and navigate GIMP. I really did not enjoy using that software because it gave me issues when downloading it on my laptop and uploading images into the program. Although, once I figured it out, I was able to complete my assignment and be content with how it turned out. Additionally, for the next two weeks, I will be continuing on the same track that I followed this week which was doing my Daily Creates early and starting my main assignments on Monday. Pertaining to this week, I was able to do four design assignments with a total of 12 stars instead of 5 assignments. All in all, I really enjoyed the content that I learned this week surrounding design, and any bigger issues in my work can be found in my reflections.

Daily Creates-

Design Assignments-

2 GIF Assignments-


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