Hello World!

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Jessica Probst, as my domain says, and I am a sophomore at UMW. I created this domain per the requirement of the Intro to Digital Studies course, and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge about how to properly use my domain to its full abilities. Overall, this semester I am hoping to improve my skills when it comes to utilizing the internet to its extensive capacities and how to navigate my digital creativity in a way that will further me in my chosen career path.

I set up my domain in a way that represents who I am and what is aesthetically pleasing for me to see. While I may not have a lot of extensive knowledge about how to maneuver my way around WordPress and am still naive about what having my own domain can hold for me, I am excited to learn and improve on these skills. I chose softer colors to layout my website to make it look more lively and inviting to users. Although, I may change this later on in the semester and make my website present itself as more professional, because it will serve as a representation of who I am.

For my domain name, I just chose to be simple and go with my full name. This way, if future employers were ever to look me up it would be easier for my domain to just be my name than something more clever. Moreover, I installed WordPress because I am familiar with its format due to past assignments in other classes that required the set up of a blog. Additionally, I have not connected this domain to my other digital identities because I feel like I am not entirely sure what I want to make of this just yet, and when I am, I will attach them.

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