My GIFs for the Animated GIF Module

This was my first day in Cuba. I had just gotten off the plane and picked up. I remember feeling tired, but excited. In this GIF I was on my way to Varadero which was four hours from the airport.
Happy Birthday to Me! This was the next night where we drove to Cardenas to visit family. For many families in Cuba, it is difficult to acquire a lot of food, so they usually spend months preparing for visitors to make sure they have enough. All the water is bottled. All the food is fresh and they raised and killed most of the meat we ate right in their backyard.
This was in Havana at the “Hotel Nacional de Cuba” where a lot of stars in the 50’s would come and stay. Today, the infamous hotel still upholds the same glamour it did many years ago, although the area around it has begun to deteriorate.
A lot of restaurants in Cuba would have live music where people could make some money. It really tied together the atmosphere and culture that was there.
Sirloin steak in a restaurant called the Rococo. Since the food in Cuba was always made fresh, it would take sometimes an hour to make. A lot of the restaurants and places to eat would have live music to entertain the guests. The bill here cost $26…very cheap and good.
In the heart of Cuba: Havana. Walking the streets it was filled with tourists and locals selling souvenirs out of their own homes. With buildings deteriorating around each other, it was a surreal experience to see the state that this country is in.
The streets of Cardenas.
The house and museum of Jose Fuster.
Beaches of Cuba. (I made it in the StoryZ app to animate the waves, but I guess it’s not animating now.)
My last day and drive through Havana.

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