Web Literacy Project Reflection

For the Web Literacy Project, my group and I researched if sitting too long in front of the TV can increase one’s risk of cancer and if thousands of people showed up for the Area 51 raid. The questions we chose were both relevant and unique, but contained a vast amount of research to prove whether or not these claims were true. Throughout our research process, we made a lot of references back to the textbook which aided us to be as thorough and accurate as possible.

When I was searching for sites to use, I kept in mind the importance of finding a sites authority and relevancy to our topics. Moreover, being able to identify sponsored content and having an objective view about our topics were important to me. Furthermore, while working on the question of whether or not TVs cause cancer, I made sure to find articles that were health related sites with credible research in them. Conversely, the articles for the Area 51 raid I found to be objective and organized in a way that did not seem to be a satirical view on the subject.

Overall, in our papers I contributed to editing the sections, writing both the introductions and origins sections, and aided my group mates whenever possible. Moreover, what I found most useful from this project was learning the processes of how to navigate myself around the Internet and learning about what it means to find a credible source.

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